About Us

The personal care products that Factory 7 Store harvest are beard oil, beard balm, beard comb and organic argan oil from Morocco.

Our skin loves natural products as we’re made to utilize what nature has to offer such as oils. There is an abundant amount of scientific research to support the applying of natural oils in order to enhance beauty and health. Factory 7 Store has been created in order to introduce our society to a new form of skin care products. We wanted to revolutionize the way people treat, heal and maintain the health of their skin. Factory 7 Store is dedicated to the production of beauty and personal care products that are focused on quality over quantity. Our goal is to introduce the world to beauty products that possess organic materials that are beneficial to the human body. Clothes and accessories are secondary to the natural appearance you possess which is why it’s crucial that you maintain your beautiful body’s health. Factory 7 Store is built on a foundation that states very clearly how powerful your body is and the message it can send.

We take our clientele seriously which is why we guarantee positive results from the usage of our products. There is an innumerable amount of businesses throughout the world that claim to place their customers as a priority but we’re nothing like those corporations. Factory 7 Store is distinguished amongst all companies as we believe that our actions speak louder than our words. We’re dedicated to each of client we receive which is why we’ve placed a tremendous amount of importance upon their feedback, opinions and requests. It’s time you worked with a beauty company that cares for the results you receive. Factory 7 Store, where beauty products meets business.