Beard Tips for Grooming and Care

How to grow a thick beard

Beard Grooming Tips

There is no greater affirmation of a man’s virility than the ability to grow a thick,
full beard. There’s something uniquely empowering about it – making you feel like you could wrestle a bear, catch a fish with your bare hands or partake in other such manly activities. Yet there is more to growing a beard than simply throwing away your razor – it takes time, dedication and a superhuman ability to resist the urge to scratch. Here are some helpful hints on how to grow a thick, lustrous beard.
Avoid the urge to shape your beard too soon. You should avoid going near your newly-grown beard with a scissors or beard trimmers until it’s been growing for a minimum of four weeks. Individual hairs grow at a different rate, so some sections of your facial hair may take longer to grow than others. Have patience and wait to see how much you can grow before shaping and trimming. The more hair you have, the easier it is to work with.

Choose a beard style. Once you have allowed nature to run wild and have been growing your beard for 4 to 6 weeks, you can start thinking about what style of beard you wish to adopt. You could leave it as it is – wild, rugged and undeniably masculine. Or you could go for something a little more polished, like a goatee and mustache combo or a refined chin strip or soul patch. Then you have the less common, but nonetheless manly, muttonchops and chin curtains. The choice is yours.

Trim your beard. Once you have decided on a style, you can undertake the delicate process of. If this is your first time, you may want to consider going to a barber to have it done professionally, though finding a barber with any significant experience in handling beards is becoming harder and harder nowadays.

When trimming your beard, use a good trimmer to define your neckline, before shaping the rest of the beard. It is usually best to leave the cheek line natural, to avoid a weirdly shaped beard.  Shampoo and condition regularly. Your beard will need some regular love and attention to keep it in tip-top condition. Try shampooing it daily (or almost daily) with a gentle shampoo to keep the hair clean and remove any lost pieces of food (it will happen), and use a little conditioner from time to time to help strengthen the hair and keep it looking full and thick.
Use a protective oil. If you’re exposing your beard to any harsh elements or chemicals for example, while skiing or swimming in a chlorine-filled pool?

you should apply a light layer of oil, such as jojoba or grape seed oil, which will protect your beard by locking in moisture and preventing the loss of natural oils.
If all else fails, wait a couple of years. If your beard doesn’t work out as well as you expected and you decide to let it go, don’t lose hope. You can try again in a few years, as the development of facial hair continues to increase over time. This is why you usually see the fullest beards on older men. Courtesy of wiki how to.

Beard Grooming with Care.
A beard well cared for projects a sense of style and self-confidence. Growing and Developing facial hair is merely the first step of beard care, then following tips are on how to groom, and care for your beard so that it flatters and compliments.

Beard grooming has not been easy but these beard care tips will make your beard look resplendent always.

Be Patient.
A true classic beard is a product of self-limitation. At first When you start growing the beards, repel from the of urge trimming or style, leave it intact for the first 4 to 6 weeks. This allows hair to grow evenly, and will help you to pick a specific style that outfits its size.

Matching Your Beard to the Shape Your Face.
A beard should blend with its surrounding. Consult handy charts after the first period of growing your beard, and choose an ultimate style that matches the shape of your face. You will look better, so will your beard.

How and When to Trim.
Trimming is important in achieving a neatly groomed beard. Get a quality trimmer, and look for the right procedure that suits your plan.

Regular washing.
This is very important, since skin cells aggravate itchiness. Wash your beard numerous times every week with a specific specialized cleanser, then pat it dry gently, an overzealous drying can lead to crimp and split ends.

Beard Oil.
Nothing suppresses a beard like a regular and steady use of beard oil. There are various beard oils to choose from, beard oil conditions hair in order to make them more soft and shiny.

Configure Your Beard.
A regular trimming will maintain your preferred beard shape, but this is not the only way in keeping your beard to its shape. Rubdown with a comb or beard brush daily will tussle stubborn hair, and configuring them to grow up in a downward direction.

You’re Mustache.
Unless you prefer a chinstrap, you didn’t grow an epic beard means you are growing a mustache. To keep it neat, you will have to trim the area under your nose (your philtrum ) with grooming scissors, and keep it sculpted naturally with a Beardbrand Mustache Wax.

Boost it.
Your beard is a product of protein and fat, but it’s also depending of Vitamins B5, B3, and B9 heavily. Which means nuts, lean meats, milk, egg yolks, and plenty of leafy greens. If you are committed seriously to caring for your beard, you will also have to round out your diet with a supplement and an enhancement like Vitabeard.